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Fist2Face Band Merchandise » Terror » Trial & Error Records - Volume 4

Product Details

Single CD 

Trial & Error Records - Volume 4

  Recording Label: Trial And Error
Product Category: Compilation CDs (Music)
CD Type: Single CD

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This product was added to our catalog on Mon 23 Feb, 2009.

Track Listing

01.   Demolishing Sense  (Walk The Earth
02.   Commit it  (Sex Positions) 
03.   Blinding Lights and Silhouetts  (In Name And Blood
04.   The Great Red Shift  (Most Precious Blood
05.   Unknown Soldier  (The Casualties
06.   Absent Father  (Demonother
07.   Parasite  (Bones Brigade) 
08.   Numb in Tent City  (Godnose
09.   Diaries of the Dea  (Age Of Ruin) 
10.   Dying in My Own Arms  (100 Demons) 
11.   Looks Like Yoda  (Parkway Drive
12.   Who Would I Be Without My Middle Finger  (Sincebbymen) 
13.   The Briggs - Waiting in the Shadows  (The Briggs) 
14.   Wake up/the in Up  (The Blinding Light) 
15.   The Rising End  (Zao
16.   Counting Pandora  (From There Wounds) 
17.   The Year Summer Ended in June  (Misery Signals
18.   Overcome  (Terror
19.   The Death  (Mindsnare

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