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Fist2Face Band Merchandise » Metal Blade » Demonocracy

Product Details

Single CD 


  Artist: Job For A Cowboy (USA)
Recording Label: Metal Blade (USA)
Product Category: CD Albums (Music)
Release Date: April 2012
CD Type: Single CD

Product Price: $22.00

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This product was added to our catalog on Thu 22 Mar, 2012.

Track Listing

01.   Children of Deceit 
02.   Nourishment Through Bloodshed 
03.   Imperium Wolves 
04.   Tongueless and Bound 
05.   Black Discharge 
06.   The Manipulation Stream 
07.   The Deity Misconception 
08.   Fearmonger 
09.   Tarnished Gluttony 

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