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Fist2Face Band Merchandise » Metal Blade » Darkness In the Light

Product Details

Single CD 

Darkness In the Light

  Artist: Unearth (USA)
Recording Label: Metal Blade (USA)
Product Category: CD Albums (Music)
Release Date: July 2011
CD Type: Single CD

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Track Listing

01.   Watch It Burn 
02.   Ruination Of The Lost 
03.   Shadows In The Light 
04.   Eyes Of Black 
05.   Last Wish 
06.   Arise The War Cry 
07.   Equinox 
08.   Coming Of The Dark 
09.   The Fallen 
10.   Overcome 
11.   Disillusion 


Unearth have joined up with producer Adam D of Killswitch Engage fame to record Darkness In The Light. Also joining the band on drums for the recording is none other than Justin Foley of Killswitch Engage. The new material is a welcome return stylistically to Unearth’s top selling release The Oncoming Storm, featuring heavy riffs and drumming coupled with diverse breakdowns that the band has become known for.

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