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Fist2Face Band Merchandise » Day of Contempt » Relive And Regret

Product Details

Single CD 

Relive And Regret

  Artist: In Trenches
Associated Artist: Day of Contempt, I Killed The Prom Queen
Product Category: CD Albums (Music)
Release Date: July 2009
CD Type: Single CD
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This product was added to our catalog on Mon 13 Jul, 2009.

Track Listing

01.   Unravelling 
02.   Adrift 
03.   Without A Sign 
04.   An Awakening 
05.   Relive And Regret 
06.   Counting Down 
07.   Caving In 
08.   Buried 

Customer Reviews

by danielThursday 1 October, 2009
ben coyte (DOC) sings. kevin cameron (IKTPQ) plays guitar its obviouslly gonna be good.
Rating:  [5 out of 5 stars]

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