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Fist2Face Band Merchandise

Welcome to Fist2Face!

Hey dudes,

Firstly, thanks for being so patient with us over the past month or so with online orders. The response to the clearout sale was amazing and we've only just caught up with them all and sorted all the refunds for missing stock etc. The past month or so has made me realise why I never made any money from Fist2Face! I spent all the bloody money buying more and more stock and it's only recently I realised 'fuck we have a lot of shit!!' AND WE STILL DO!!!

So we need your help to clear out the last bunch of stock coz we seriously need to get the fuck out of here quick!! Stock is up to 90% off! We can't control ALL the prices because some is still owned directly by bands and they dictate the sale price. But defs all the stock we own is marked super super cheap. Some CDs are like 10cents! Plenty of $1 tshirts too! The only stock NOT marked down is the Fist2Face RIP merch because we don't want to slap anyone in the face who paid full price.

So this sale closes at midnight on Wednesday Aug 20th and then THAT IS IT!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for everyone's support. To all my friends who have helped out the last few weeks. You know who you are and thank you! We will have some RIP merch left so while you're enjoying crazy cheap shit, spare a thought for my tax debt and grab a f2f RIP shirt or hoodie yeah!?

Thanks again,
- g

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Fist2Face, closing datesSunday 23 March, 2014

Hey guys,

 So we're going to be closing down sometime in June.
Everything on this website is still available and we are still ordering stock in from our suppliers until late May.
We will be doing a pretty big sale sometime in June.
THanks for everyone's support!
F2F shirts, beanies, jumpers and wristbands coming very soon!

 - g

Fist2Face.. the end is nearWednesday 19 February, 2014

Hey dudes,
We've been trying to do this all official with like a proper press release n shit but in the end it just did my head in!

So the big news is that after 10 years, I've decided to call it a day with Fist2Face. For the most part it's been fucking amazing to run an Independent Record Store, but the last couple of years have been pretty taxing on the business and myself personally.
Smashed windows, graffiti'd walls, multiple floods, thieving customers, thieving staff, a local council that gave us '28 days to cease trade' a couple of years back, and all of this whilst releasing 5 independent albums of my own.. it's fair to say I'm spent!
I didn't throw it in without a fight though.. I spent the last year or so without drawing a wage, working other jobs to help pay bills and living out of a backpack/crashing on friends couches all in the hope of keeping the doors open, but it was to no avail in the end :(

But as I said, for the most part, running this store has been a total blast!
THANK YOU to all the hundreds of bands who came out to play free instore gigs!
Thank you to all the labels we worked with!
Thank you to all our (mostly) amazing staff past and present!
and most of all, thank you to all our customers who believed in what we did! Keep supporting independent record stores (JB HI FI is NOT a record store!!)

We will need as much support over the next few months as possible as we attempt to close up with minimal debt. At the earliest we will close in April, the latest will be the end of June.
Please come on down to the store (or jump online) and grab a record or a shirt. With a bit of luck we might be able to put together a couple of benefit shows and we'll print up some final f2f shirts too.

Thanks again everyone, hope to see you soon!
- Gerard Pidoto


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2013 all done!Sunday 29 December, 2013

Wowzers what a year!

Thanks for another great year dudes.
Here's our trading hours for xmas new years.
See you in 2014!

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